Lets make it happen together. Lets have fun. Lets be unforgettable.

I remember clearly locking myself in my little bathroom and going through mum’s make up and putting on her Lancôme black eyeliner and Chanel red lipstick when I was just 7 years old. I always used to get into trouble but I would do it over and over again.

I am really girlie. To this day I still can’t imagine going out without my pink lipstick, black eyeliner and baby pink blush. Yes I’m proud to announce that I am addicted to make up and hairstyling. What about lip glosses, how delicious do they smell (and taste) these days!

Marc Jacobs quoted, “To me, beauty, make up and colour is like the finishing touch on everything”.

I absolutely love doing hair and make up. It just comes natural to me. As soon as I pick up a make up brush, I am ready to be an artist. As soon as I pick up a hairbrush, I am ready to style.

I get so excited every single time. Ask my friends and they will tell you what I do for a living now, it is so “Me”.

The passion and love I have in helping a woman look gorgeous and special makes me feel very happy inside. It brings back sweet memories of how happy I was putting on mum’s make up as a little girl.

When my clients look in the mirror and she has that sparkle in her eyes, that’s when I know she can walk out of the room and feel like a Superstar.

And why not! Why shouldn’t every woman look and feel like she is the most beautiful Superstar in the world?

See you soon!

Love Jenny xxx